The Effects Of Social Support On Mental Health Of College Students Essay

The Effects Of Social Support On Mental Health Of College Students Essay

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The purpose of Hefner and Eisenberg’s (2009) article was to examine the affects of social support had on the mental health of college students. Previous research has discussed the broader topic of mental health or distress of college students, but little research has examined specific sociodemographic relationships and the mental health of college students. The collected sample was 1,378 college students that completed the social support module of the survey. These participants were 1,378 college students where 50.6% were men (n=632) and 49.4% were women (n= 746). Of the 1,378 participants 20% were Asian/Asian American (n=304), 6% were Black/ African American (n=55), 4% were Hispanic (n=56), 61% were White/ non-Hispanic (n=828), 10% were other/ multiple categories (n=124). College students were asked to fill out a social support module that showed the relationship between social support and mental health. The results of this study showed that college students with the higher social support were less likely to have anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and suicidality. Students are more likely to feel secluded among their peers if they fall in the categories of minority race, international status, and low socioeconomic status. Asians, males, those classified as multiple races, international, financially struggling, and not living with a significant other also have found to have a lower grade of social support. Social support, shown through a quantitative statistical analysis, has a negative correlation with mental health. The relationship between depression and social support is shown to be 31% for those with low social support and 5% for those with high social support. Concluding that the higher the social support the lower the r...

... middle of paper ... obtaining their GPA. The results of this study were students with higher support and optimism showed that they had less signs of depression and stress. Then when students reported that they had lower support and optimism the students suffered from a higher chance of depression and stress. Although, this study was useful, it is not without limitations. In particular, because the variables were not experimentally manipulated one cannot make claims about the role of the perceived academic control in the students’ optimism and social support. Another limitation was not having a broader outcome when it came to the prediction of depression and stress. In the future other scientist could take this limitation and make a study that explores more background predictors (i.e., self esteem, family history, race, and socioeconomic status) as they look at stress and depression.

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