The Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults Essay

The Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults Essay

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Social media is a term that has been used to explain the communication between several groups or individuals in which they create, participate, or gain ideas over the Internet. Social media sites have achieved astonishing universal popularity and development, which has led to attracting attention from many researchers globally. Adolescents and young adults are the most enthusiast users of these sites even though all generations, in our modern society, have included the social network in their lives, as well. The influence of social networking sites on young people is vital because those young adults are growing up surrounded by different devices and interactive social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which has made the social media an important portion of their lives. It has been shown by various research studies that social media has both positive and negative effects on the young adults. However, it has been considered that using social networks has far more negative effects, which will have an impact on adolescents’ health and social life.
Heavy social media use can have drawback effects on young adults ' health, which can lead teens to be in melancholy situations or face problems with their self-esteem. Young adults who cannot control their use of social media are more likely to have negative effects on psychological happiness, such as loneliness and depression. "Loneliness will be associated more strongly with deficient social skills for highly social activities than for less social ones" (Kim, LaRose, & Peng, 2009, p.452). There is also a relationship between social networking activity and facing depression within young adults who spend a great deal of time on social media sites because spending too m...

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... unusual because they have depended on a keyboard to carry a message.
It is clear that there are various drawbacks of using social media among young adults, and it has negative impacts on their well-being and community life, as well. Using social network among young adults affects their self-esteem and psychological happiness, their chance to increase drinking alcohol, and finally their interpersonal and communication skills with others. Using social media or even interacting over the Internet plays a vital part in the lives of many young adults. There is also no doubt that social network sites enhance adolescents’ lives, too. However, is it possible that in near future, social media will overcome the negative influences on young adults and be more aware of the positive uses of the social network? As we look toward the future, only time that can afford us the answer.

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