Effects Of Social Media On Women Essay

Effects Of Social Media On Women Essay

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Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t have said it better: “Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It 's about knowing and accepting who you are.” Imagine yourself in a world where everyone was confident with his or her looks. How different would life be if there wasn 't a need for makeup or stressing to keep a certain image? Just imagine all the time you’d save by being confident with who you are! Statistics show over 50% of teenage girls are self conscious about their looks. Social Media is negatively affecting confidence in woman and distorting what true beauty is; further, Apps like Instagram and Twitter constantly distort what true beauty is.
Young women now feel the need to change themselves to cover up their own flaws and insecurities. Social media is distorting the views of how girls should present themselves. For example, social media constantly feeds young girls expectations of how they should act or look. This isn 't right and must stop. Apple has come out with phone applications such as “Face Tune” which enables the user to tweak and edit flaws on the pictures. The App has settings for whitening teeth, covering blemishes, reshaping someones body and much more. No wonder girls suffer from so many insecurities! All Face tune does is promote changing flaws so that others perceive you differently. Is this not an issue? Who has the authority to call unique traits a flaw? After all, aren’t the things which make us different what make us unique? More girls believe fixing things is okay. People should take pride in what makes them unique, not see the need to fix or cover up them. How are girls supposed to feel beautiful in their own skin if they are always trying to resemble like someone else? This proves how distorted women’s...

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...y you are. Social media should be more like that and less about changing.
In conclusion, every woman is beautiful in her own way. The lies social media continues to feed young women needs to be stopped. Social Media is affecting confidence in woman and distorting what true beauty is. In reality, what makes you different makes you beautiful. It 's sad how many women fail to appreciate their true beauty. Women would save so much time if they accepted themselves for who they are. Instead, they are wasting their time wearing makeup and putting themselves together a certain way. This is because girls should be confidant with who they are instead of changing themselves to fit in with the social norms. Something needs to be done to discuss this issue and save millions of women from experiencing such insecurities. Women need to realize that they are beautiful no matter what.

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