The Effects Of Social Media On The Workplace Essay

The Effects Of Social Media On The Workplace Essay

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In 2011, a registered nurse was fired for using her cell phone to post comments to a social networking site while she was performing patient care (Stakowski). The temptation, I dare say, borderline addiction, people fall victim to not only may wreck a career but will in turn be devastating to family life at home also. Currently, you will seldom come across people that do not engage in some type of social media on a regular basis. Social media seems to be as important as breathing to people in our culture. The problem with twenty-four-seven social media is that it will more than likely carry over into the workplace. Nurses are not exempt from the norm of social media.
Also, social media can often feel like a popularity contest. Who can get the most likes or the largest amount of comments almost becomes more important than being good at a job. Nurses have to be especially careful with their use of social media, at home and at work. Nurses not taking to time to think about the possibility of a breach of privacy, or a leak of personal feelings before they post a picture or comment on social media has resulted in reprimands and termination of employment. Statistics show that forty percent of nurses say a colleague has inappropriately criticized or posted details of patients or colleagues on social media sites (Hasley). Nurses using social media at work if not done right can lead to mismanagement of patient records, distractions from patient care, and accidental revealing of personal feelings towards co-workers and patients.
Social media is becoming the go to form of communication within professional or personal company these days. Often people will admit they would much rather tweet or Facebook you than they would prefer to talk pers...

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... be set up by groups, organizations, and businesses. They can be completely separate from an individual’s personal Facebook page. Instead of ‘friends,’ a professional or organizational Facebook page has ‘fans’ or users who ‘like’ the page. This is an important distinction in the use of social media by healthcare professionals concerned with privacy or boundary issues. Twitter is considered a micro-blogging platform which means entries are limited to 140 characters. Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform because of its versatility and ability to quickly hyperlink to external sources of information. Again, individuals can have both a personal and a professional or organizational Twitter account. Both Facebook and Twitter are free applications, as are most social media tools, enabling a larger sector of the general public to be able to access these tools.

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The Effects Of Social Media On The Workplace Essay

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