Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On Students ' Lives

Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On Students ' Lives

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Social media has been a big part of our lives since the internet started gaining power in the last years. The thirst for communication has always been part of the necessity, and it is of pivotal importance that we center our attention to the social media and to its consequences. For that reason and many more, I am quite interested about searching through various sources (articles and acquaintances) with the intention to go deeper into the technology and its advantages or even destructive effects in the students’ lives. When it comes to education, the internet is been, by far, one of the most valuable tools there is for research, communication and interaction. Thus, it would be wrong to deny its positive influences in a student’s life due to its powerful sources that makes the student’s life way easier. On the other hand, there are people who believe that because of the social media’s informality and colloquial environment, it destroys the kid’s writing standards in a way that he or she would not be able to follow the Standard English any longer. Considering both perspectives about the social media and its use, the question is to what extent does the social media influence a student’s personal writing development?
First of all, I picked the article “Social Media Helps Students Writer Better” written by Andrew Simmons, who is a respectful teacher with an amazing understanding of how social media can influence an student behavior in a positive way. I chose to start with this article because the author caught my attention by bringing the sensation of being in a student’s shoes, which made me insert myself in this context. He talks about social media being essential for a teenager’s feelings and sensitivity, mainly boys (noun for bei...

... middle of paper ... Campbell accuses the online communication for converting them to an unconcerned writing tone, which can be alarming in the next generations. Moreover, the third angle of view offers a neutral outlook when it exposes two consequences that the social media might have: good or bad. In other words, the repercussion can be either productive or not depending on how the student uses it, and what importance the students decides to give to his or her writing. It is definitely not an easy lesson to convince students that every piece of pubic writing they make is real, and therefore, should be written as such. However, if we want to give a solution to this problem, we should not take teenagers away from social media, because it would be unfair to take them out of society, instead we should motivate them to discuss their particular matters with a higher and more mature tone.

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