Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On Schools

Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On Schools

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As technology increases and develops in this century, the use of social media increases as well. Schools have begun adapting it, using it as their tool to inform students of any school related news. However, using it as a tool for learning is a different story. By using it as a tool, it can push you off your course with classes. Social media is something that is not needed at school grounds. Schools should not require social media use in classes.

First of all, schools should keep students focused during classes. By giving students access to social media for anything in the class, that starts leading to these issues. “All universities have been struggling to balance freedom of speech and the right to express an opinion, with reasonable expectations of responsible and respectful behavior by students, as well as the protection of staff and student well-being.”(Source 1 p1 Introduction). When students are given access to social media at a school, it is very likely they will use it for their own purposes other than what it is being intended for. Social media can be used for chatting with friends, taking pictures and watching videos. None of these are what a school is intended for. Social media has many positive benefits that can be helpful for students, but schools like, universities and high schools, do not enforce the negative effects of social media. “In the university setting, comments posted on widely accessible forums such as Facebook, and seen by other students or staff, can damage reputations, create personal distress and compromise academic integrity.”(source 1 first paragraph) Until anything can be accomplished by schools, the use of social media should not be allowed at all.

In other words, keeping students foc...

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...reading information quickly through a large community of users is one of the most valuable characteristics of social media platforms. Social media, being open to everyone, enable not only news organizations and journalists to post news stories, but also ordinary citizens to report from their own perspectives and experiences.” (Source 5 Introduction paragraph) This can also damage the school’s reputation.

In conclusion, social media is something that a school should not require in classes. By doing this, it helps the students become successful in using resources that do not require the use of social media. It also helps the school succeed, in increasing its state testing rate. We need promote the movement of saying no for social media use in classes. By doing this, this will secure school policies for the future generations that will be born on technology.

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