The Effects Of Social Media On Health Care Essay

The Effects Of Social Media On Health Care Essay

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We Can, But Dare We?
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We Can, But Dare We?

Like most other recent technologies, social media is constantly evolving and changed the way and improved the everyday activities with respect to health. Now, social media is no longer an optional marketing tool for healthcare settings, as we continuously share the information online with respect to health. For this, number of tools are available, which can help the health care professionals to improve the health care delivery. These are social mobile applications, networking platforms, wikis, blogs, microblogs, virtual reality, media-sharing sites, gaming environments, facebook, instagram, myspace, twitter, linkedin and many more on smartphones (Grindrod, 2014). Besides, other aspect of social media might be the perilous that causes breach the patient privacy, can damage to the professional image, potential risks to patients, violation of personal–professional boundaries, licensing or legal issues , etc. Several reports suggest that social media can be seriously helpful but if used in controlled and cautious manner. As reflected in the report highlighting in the celebrity scenario, nurse damage the patient privacy and violate the legal issue might be intentionally or unintentionally (Ventola, 2014). So, this reflect the behaviors that was unacceptable, and can harm the personal and professional boundaries using social media. With this respect and using lots of standard scientific literature, this paper showed the advantage and disadvantage of social media, its benefits, and harmful effect in health care settings. As social media has both the faces, that can damage the reputation with harmful effects, and also beneficial role.
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...a, the organization has stop the loss in several ways. The organizations can use it for the recruitment and training of health staff. Thus, social media has got several beneficial effects and uses, but the potential damage moved along. It depends on the way how one could use and take the advantage for their health care professionals. One may use it for professional purposes and can stop posting the unprofessional things. The social media can also reports several damage to reputation as well as loss of professional image. The liability is of the administration required the needs to form the effective policies and laws that cloud keep all the staff aware with respect to social media proper usage. However, if neglecting the potential rules and legal regulations could damage due to improper use of social media that could be detrimental for health care organization.

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