The Effects Of Social Media On An Organization Essay

The Effects Of Social Media On An Organization Essay

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Today, social media feels like it has been around forever, but it’s only been a little over a decade. Many companies grow their organizations using social media. There is so much involved that many don’t realize the effect it has on an organization. Learning how different people use social media can have a positive effect on business when it comes to customer interaction, timeliness of responses, and promotions.
The very first social media site was called Six Degrees and was invented in 1997 (The History of Social Media, 2015). The site allowed people to create a profile and friend one another which is similar to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. As the internet developed, people became more familiar with it and began posting videos of themselves, particularly musicians. This helped get awareness out and people could comment on the videos. Businesses began to take notice and created a social media pages of their own.
Social media is everywhere. Customers involved in social media can access their site almost anywhere. Most people have cell phones, computers, or tablets that they take anywhere they go. In the article Social Media and Interpersonal Communication, people today would rather e-mail that meet and would rather text than talk on the phone (2013) The article continues to discuss how social media effects our ability to communicate. People have their heads in their phones. They aren’t reading the daily newspaper like they used to. Businesses can and do take advantage of this. Having a business site using Facebook, hashtags, or even ads that can be made public through the social media site will help the business gain public awareness. “Social media is one of those things where at this point, you have no choice but to...

... middle of paper ... Facebook fan pages, 50 percent use YouTube channels, and 33 percent maintain corporate blogs” (Guffey & Lowey, 2015). It isn’t the customer that needs to learn new ways of communicating but the business. When a customer feels important and interaction is occurring, it will help the business. When the business knows how and when to use social media, and how to reach the target market, they will gain opportunities they never knew existed. Lastly, when the business uses social media to promote their specials, everyone wins. The customers win because they are getting a good deal, they are shopping with their favorite stores and they can share the posting with others. The business wins because it is free marketing and they will earn higher profits when they are reaching millions of customers. Social media is one of the newest and greatest form of communicating today.

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