The Effects Of Social Environment And Student Engagement On The Classroom

The Effects Of Social Environment And Student Engagement On The Classroom

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Increased Engagement
School systems struggle to keep their students engaged and focused due to their ever so predictable lessons, outcomes, and schedules causing students to lose interest. An increase of engagement during class results in longer-lasting retention of the material learned. Therefore, if students are able to retain the material after a long period of time, then there will be a positive effect on their academics. Research shows a strong correlation between social environment and student engagement in the classroom (Patrick, Ryan & Kaplan, 2007). According to Patrick et al. (2007) when students feel a sense of emotional support from their teacher, academic support from their peers, and encouragement from their teacher to discuss their work, they are more likely to use self-regulatory strategies and engage in task-related interaction (p. 93). In addition, students’ personal motivational beliefs contributed to the relation between social environment and student engagement (Patrick et al. 2007). Motivational beliefs refer to students’ personal mastery goals, in addition to academic and social efficacy (Patrick et al. 2007). Educational technology can be used as a gateway for students to receive emotional support from their teacher, academic support from their peers, and encouragement from their teacher to discuss their work. Technology that involves collaborative learning, such as Group Scribbles (Lin, Chen, Yang, Xie & Lin, 2013), allows students to work together and build confidence from the academic support of their peers. In addition, according to Chung and Liu’s (2012) research on the benefits of a shared display in a collaborative web discovery task, students preferred the shared display rather than the non-shared d...

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...ssible to students preferred way of learning. In addition, the combination of learning styles allows students to have a choice and control how they would like to learn. According to Ciampa (2013), student motivation increases when they have control over their own learning. It should be clear that educational technology is a supplement, not a replacement for traditional methods. In addition, to ensure successful implication educational technology and traditional learning should be equally used in the classroom. Furthermore, educational technology should be both collaborative and individualized in order to insure successful academic achievement. Under those suggestions, I question why research has not been done on the developmental effects of children who have experience with educational technology, in comparison to children who experienced traditional learning methods.

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