Essay about The Effects Of Social Cognitive Theory On Children

Essay about The Effects Of Social Cognitive Theory On Children

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Healthy living is a huge step in life, especially in this day and age. This whole course focuses on having healthy lifestyle, making the changes necessary to maintain one, and gives the learner step-by-step instructions of where to start. There are multiple reasons why someone should make a behavior change. Some could include health reasons, to support family members, or some decide to make the change because he or she wants to live healthy. Personally, my family affects a lot of the decisions in my life. Growing up, I was used to taking care of my older sister and I was used to changing my diet to fit what plan my mom had for the week. My behavior change was always dependent on them. During this course, I learned a lot of how the social cognitive theory was very influential in my life. According to the textbook,
“…[social cognitive theory] the model proposes that three factors interact in a reciprocal fashion to motivate change. These factors are the social environment in which we live; our inner thoughts and feelings (cognition); and our behaviors. We change our behavior in part by observing models in our environment-from childhood to the present moment…” (p. 13)
That is the way I grew up. Being the youngest in my family I learned from not only my parents but my older sister as well. I learned how to care for others by watching my parents, I was able to learn how to enjoy family time, and was able to see that healthy living is not as hard as it seems, a person just has to prepare for the change. Healthy behavior change can affect everyone around you, and that seems to be one of the best reasons to try and make a change.
The behavior change I decided to make during this course, to increase my water intake, was a decision that to...

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...e. The transtheoretical model of change is an effective tool to look at when in the contemplation stage of behavior change. The transtheoretical model of change focuses on pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, stable behavior, and relapse. This model allowed me to work through the stages of change gradually, and helped me achieve my goal for behavior change.
When a person is changing his or her lifestyle, I have learned that a person cannot cut things out of their life cold turkey, nor can he or she jump head first into change. Making a change for a healthy lifestyle takes time, contemplation, and preparation. The reason I struggled in the beginning of changing my behavior was because I struggled with my preparation for the assignment. With proper preparation, I think I could have been a little more successful with my behavior change.

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