The Effects Of Social Class On Health Essay

The Effects Of Social Class On Health Essay

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In today’s society it is broadly acknowledged that health issues are influenced by various social factors. Despite biological characteristics, the physical environment an individual lives in, and many more causes of health outcomes, education can deeply influence an individual 's well being. With that being said, education can shape many important factors in a person 's life, therefore it is the most important influence on health in the contemporary U.S.
In view of social-class affecting health, the principle is straightforward. As an individual goes up the social-class ladder, health improves. As an individual goes down the ladder, health worsens (Henslin, 2016, p. 276). That being the case, social class has many factors that affect health. Three of the reasons being access to good medical care, the lifestyle one chooses to live when it comes to alcohol and drugs, and lastly, life is simply hard on the poor and easier on the wealthy. (Henslin, 2016, p. 276). Initially, an individual 's level on the social ladder begins with a good education, and that is one of the many reasons education influences health. Education increases as one goes up the social ladder. For example, private schools can be a key to upward social mobility, which can lead to a prestigious college, and then a successful job (Henslin, 2016, p. 277). However, how does an individual become so poor to the point where it is affecting their health? According to the textbook, there are two explanations for poverty that compete for our attention. The first, which is the more preferred explanation is social structure. Sociologist argue that features of our society deny some people access to education or training in job skills. For example, race, age, and gender can open...

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... very dangerous habits that can threaten one’s health. Not having an education can lead an individual to abusing these substances with the consequence of health issues or even death.
With that being said, education can shape many important factors in a person 's life, therefore it is the most important influence on health in the contemporary U.S. The influences of having or not having an education can affect a person 's life tremendously. From accessing social mobility to achieve a higher level on the social ladder, to possessing basic life skills such as reading and writing, and being able to afford better medical care and good doctors, education leads to all these advantages when it comes to health. Given these points, having an education will benefit a person 's role in society which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and more opportunities to a healthier life.

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