The Effects Of Social Change On People 's Behaviour Through Looking At Areas Of Management

The Effects Of Social Change On People 's Behaviour Through Looking At Areas Of Management

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This essay will examine the influences of organisations and communities in causing social change and effects on people’s behaviour through looking at areas of management; the characteristics of organisations; formed of groups of people with shared purposes in a community, showing how organisations can affect people’s behaviour, by using psychology to look at how the impact of taking on roles in an organisation can influence people’s behaviour through ‘Social identity theory’ using the Social science to examine how social movements involve both organisations and communities to bring about social change .

Management is a key process in the development of an organisation, to understand this process it is first important to look at the strategic direction which decides what the organisation is set up to do, to then further consider its characteristics in how the organisation is best structured to operate. Individuals play a key part in this, through developing relationships and utilising staff as resources. The reporting and authority structure establishes where accountable formal power is distributed amongst staff via managerial control, who contextualize strengths and weaknesses in the goings-on between management, peer and external demands, to enable positive outcomes for the organisations strategic direction given the demands and constraints that the organisation may suffer through resource, technological and legal limitations, whilst ensuring system demands such as policies and procedures are adhered to, to effectively control objectives, and manage change through using “the three E’s” Economy, Efficiency & Effectiveness which can be used to assess the ongoing structuring and management changes that may arise due to external ...

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...behaviour to ensure this fits with organisational structure producing positive outputs of the organisation for economic usage. Using the controls given by the insight from the Psychology behind social identity roles; why people are influenced and conform to group behaviour, are consciously motivated to become part of and stay, contributing to a movement as primary resources, which can also stifle progress of movements, giving accountable power distribution as seen in Zimbardo’s prison experiment example; which is then demonstrated in the occurrence to bring about social change using communities and organisations; there is clear evidence that demonstrates via RMT how the psychology of social identity forms the groups development through to the management of their resources (people and skills etc.) This enables the execution of the movement for social change purposes.

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