Essay about The Effects Of Smoking On The Public Image Of Smoking

Essay about The Effects Of Smoking On The Public Image Of Smoking

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Over the last 50 years, smoking and the public image of smoking has changed dramatically. Americans have learned the harmful effects of smoking and have put a heavy disdain on the use of it. The number of new smokers has drastically dropped over the years and many that had previously smoked have stopped. Some have turned to electronic cigarettes as a safer way to intake nicotine. Over the years, smoking advertisements have changed drastically. Nowadays, tobacco advertisements are virtually non-existent in our society, but when they were abundant they depicted smoking as a cool and sophisticated activity. Today, smoking advertisements are shown by electronic cigarette companies. These companies emphasize the healthier lifestyle these products provide to smokers, but they still keep the classic idea of being a “cool” product. The two advertisements shown below show the drastic change in public image smoking has made in the past 50 years through the way advertisers have changed their way of
marketing their products.
The Camel cigarette advertisement has multiple illustrations to draw in viewers and convey multiple meanings. The main picture in the advertisement is one of an older man that appears to be a doctor. The picture has the man relaxing while holding a cigarette and correlates directly with the main caption of the advertisement. The picture conveys the message that sophisticated and intelligent people smoke Camel cigarettes. The picture also implies that Camel cigarettes are the healthiest cigarettes because doctors smoke this brand of cigarettes and doctors understand what the best is for their health. Another image in the advertisement is a woman smiling while holding a cigarette. This image correlates with the main image ...

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... is the main difference between the two advertisements. In today’s society anything related to smoking is seen as a negative and deadly activity. To sell a smoking product, advertisers have to emphasize the nondestructive nature of the product. If the old advertisement was shown today it would not be met with much endorsement. People have learned the effects of smoking and never would accept the main point of the advertisement, which is a product that doctors would use and recommend.
Over the past few decades, smoking has become less prevalent in our society. The differences between the two smoking advertisements is that the Blu eCig advertisement explicitly states that it is a healthier option, however, the 1949 Camel advertisement did not directly state this. Even though society now negatively views cigarettes, it is still viewed as a cool activity in our society.

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