Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes On The Tobacco Industry Essay

Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes On The Tobacco Industry Essay

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Smoking cigarettes is the number one cause for cancer and heart diseases. Cigarettes were first viewed as socially acceptable and people who smoked them were viewed as “cool.” Little did they know, this fad of smoking cigarettes could eventually cost them a lung or worse, their life. Thanks to advertising on television and cigarette packages, over time people were made aware of the consequences of smoking cigarettes. Once these negative effects were made known to the public, cigarette sales dropped significantly and people’s health was restored. Due to the development of advertising, the market for cigarettes changed significantly.
It all began when James Bonsack invented a machine, which was able to make around 120,000 cigarettes each day. The year 1881 was the big breakthrough for the cigarette companies because they made over 10 million cigarettes that year.
During the early 1900’s the tobacco company was a big success, and more and more people started having their own company to make a lot of money.
Different factors helped the tobacco industry to grow. For example, as bad as it sounds but world war one and world war two was really good for the marketing for cigarettes. Soldiers got their cigarettes for free, and during world war two (1939-45) women got more independent. They started smoking at home, waiting for their husbands to come back from the front. Compared to year 1881 with a production rate of 10 million cigarettes a year, 1944 the production was more than 300 Billion cigarettes a year. People had no idea what kind of diseases smoking cigarettes can give you and no one did the research to find out. The advertising for cigarettes was always positive and no one tried to make it a bad thing. One of the most popular...

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...ands that smoking cigarettes is not as cool as it used to be years ago is giving me hope in humanity.
Overall, the television advertisement for smoking cigarettes changed a lot over the years. From telling everyone that you can get any women with cigarettes and showing that you have money to being completely banned. Having pictures and sentences on every cigarette pack makes is really hard for the tobacco industry to sell their goods as good as their did in the beginning or just a few years ago before the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act and the Tobacco Advertising and promotion Act of 2002.
What’s going to happen in the future can no one say but taking a look at the history of the cigarettes can make us predict that cigarettes businesses and tobacco industries are going to have a really hard time to sell their products and make it look good to be a smoker.

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