The Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes On The Body Essay

The Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes On The Body Essay

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Tobacco has been around for centuries today we have many different ways to inhale tobacco. Cigarettes and vaping are the two most popular ways people are inhaling tobacco in today 's day and age. Even though cigarettes have been around for many decades, vaping has become a new sensation. Although the majority of the masses are switching from cigarettes to vaping, many are still set in their ways with an old fashion stog (cigarette). Since the studies of vaping are the bare minimal compared to the studies of smoking cigarettes, we still don 't know the long term effects vaping has on the body. Unfortunately for us we do know the long term effects that cigarette have on people and yet people still chose to smoke.

Vaping is a vapor that is created from an e-liquid while being heated from an electronic device, this comes with a power source such as a battery to create the vapor that you inhale. Although the ejuice is only made up of five key elements we don 't know the long term effects of inhaling these ingredients. These five ingredients consist of Propylene Glycol which can also be found on the things we eat, Vegetable Glycerine also found on things we use to cook with and eat. Water, Food flavorings, and nicotine. Even though most these ingredients can be found in our food who 's to say they can be healthy to inhale.

The study of the use of cigarettes are one of the many reasons people have been switching from smoking to vaping. Cigarettes unlike vaping use a ember to stay lit when smoking, so you are actually inhaling smoke such as carcinogenic. Which are known to cause cancer. The smoke you are inhaling is also being burdened with paper that the tobacco is rolled with an adhesive to keep it together. ...

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...ost 8 dollars for a pack, annually if you bought a pack every day for a year straight you will be paying roughly $2,880. After paying this you realize you 're paying that much for something can in the end cause cancer and many other type of chronic illnesses are well are deformities.

Even though all the evidence can prove that vaping in the long run can spare your life span by many years compared to the life span of a chronic cigarette smoker, vaping is neither safe nor healthy. While vaping has been the most effective way that people were able to stop the habit of smoking a cigarettes, but can vaping be just as addicting. We do have the evidence that since people are switching it is saving them money, as well as sparing years on their life. We have very little studies on vaping, only time can tell of the long term effects that vaping has vaping.

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