Effects of Smoking Ban on Campuses Essay

Effects of Smoking Ban on Campuses Essay

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The rate of smoking in higher learning institutions has increased at a high rate, and has caused many health problems to the students involved. In order to ensure free smoking campuses, various measures have been adopted to prevent the rate of smoking in campuses in order to reduce the recognized health hazards associated with smoking. Total ban of smoking including all public policies, health and safety regulations are put in place to prohibit tobacco smoking in campuses. Smoking ban is enforced in various settings and included in many jurisdictions to ensure that students are protected from health effects of smoking (Harrar, 2009). The main purpose of this paper is to find out, describe the major causes of tobacco smoking in campuses, and come up with approaches that can be used to prevent smoking in campuses and other public places. This research will focus on the various effects that are associated with tobacco smoking and the rules that are set forth to control and ban its use. Most of these rules are comprehensive and logical approaches to defining health, physical, environmental hazards of tobacco smoking.
According to Harris (2009), smoking ban in campuses has greatly reduced the number of young smokers. This is of course a good move, bearing in mind that smoking of tobacco is unhealthy and results in some cancers
Effects of smoking ban on campuses
Implementing smoking bans in campuses has resulted to numerous positive changes in the living styles of campus students. The main rationale for this is to put off the smokers from continuing with this unhealthy trend. Additionally, it serves to protect the nonsmokers acquiring this unhealthy behavior and from getting the dangerous health effects of excessive exposure to second...

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