The Effects Of Smoking Among College Students And Solutions Essay

The Effects Of Smoking Among College Students And Solutions Essay

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Adverse effects of Smoking among college students and solutions
Bakr Alsharari
Northern Oklahoma College
Stillwater, OK - 74078

The rates of smoking among college students in many countries in the world including Unites States have shown an increase for the past few years. Majority of lifetime smokers begin to smoke in young age from18 to 21 (Mee, 2014), which is a crucial time in the college education. Students smoke various types of narcotics such as cigarettes, marijuana, cigars, etc. It is important to research upon the background, reasons for cigarette consumption. Today cigarette smoking on college campuses has become an important public health issue while hindering the students’ potential in education. United States has been working on increasing campus wide smoking bans and other preventative programs to reduce the rates of students smoking. Not only the education is being disturbed by smoking, but also the social and health factors of the student are affected adversely. There are many cases reported where students give up school due to smoking or issues arising from it.
There are many background factors that had given rise to a head start in smoking. Firstly the immaturity and lack of education with regard to the cost of health they are sacrificing with smoking. Also at young age students like to experiment many things they see. Especially they like to mimic the adults on what they do and have the tendency to get addicted to activities they wouldn’t realize at all. It is hard to realize that one gets addicted to something that he or she will not be able to give for the rest of their life. Among many addictions, smoking has been considered to be a leading sources addiction worldwide st...

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