The Effects Of Sleeping Disorders On College Students Essays

The Effects Of Sleeping Disorders On College Students Essays

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College students face many difficulties and stressors in college, both academically and non-academically. Some of these challenges include, but are not limited to can be financial issues, health issues and personal issues. The workload that students can receive from classes as well as the college environment may result in issues that are more health related, such as stress disorders, depression and anxiety. These in turn may lead to other issues such as sleeping problems or sleeping disorders. This may cause more problems down the road. Students may develop bad habits that can play a factor as well. Sleeping disorders does do not only affect a student’s ability to work and to interact in both a college setting, but can also affect a student’s mental health.
A sleeping disorder is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns of a person. Some sleep disorders are serious enough to interfere with normal physical, mental, social and emotional functioning. There are many kinds of sleeping disorders that students can have or may develop. One type of sleeping disorder is insomnia, which is common among students. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that causes difficulty falling asleep as well as staying asleep as long as desired. There are two types of insomnia. One is known as primary insomnia while the other is secondary insomnia. The first one means that someone is having sleep problems that are not directly associated with any other health condition or issue. The second one is someone is having sleep problems because of something else. Insomnia also varies in how long that it lasts and how often does it occurs. It can be short-term which is known as acute insomnia or it can last for a long period of time which is known as chronic insomn...

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...e they may have undesired side effects and tend to lose their effectiveness over time.
While college students face many difficulties or negatives while attending to college, that includes sleeping disorders as one of the negatives, there are many positives or benefits of going to college. One of the benefits for college students that live on campus or off campus is that it can give students experience on how to take care of themselves since this may be the first time for an extended period amount of time that they are away from family. They also are able to meet people that are interested in the same kind of things that they are or people who are going into the same fields as they are. They can develop contacts that they may use when looking for a job after graduating college. Managing sleep patterns can lead to an improved college experience for the college student.

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