Essay on Effects Of Sleep On Academic Performance And Job Performance

Essay on Effects Of Sleep On Academic Performance And Job Performance

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Chiang, Y., Arendt, S.W., Zheng, T., & Hanisch, K.A. (2014). The effects of sleep on academic performance and job performance. College Student Journal, 48(1), 72-87.

The main purpose of this journal article is to make the point that schools and universities should take into account that sleep is a crucial part of academic and cognitive performance and in return, should take measures to ensure that the students/workers sleep needs are being met. In their research, Chaing, Arendt, Zheng, and Hanisch confirmed that students have a delayed sleep phase. Due to this, it makes it very difficult for them to fall asleep early enough for them to maintain the proper amount of sleep before starting school/work early in the morning. This journal article is relevant for my paper as the research was done on undergraduate students, which is the area of focus for my topic and the research further proves my ideas to be correct. This article is also well researched and clear. On top of this, it has also been peer-reviewed making it a dependable reference.

Meerlo, P., Benca,...

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