The Effects Of Sleep Disorders On College Students Essay

The Effects Of Sleep Disorders On College Students Essay

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During the 2007-2008 academic school year, 1,845 introductory psychology students participated in a study at a southeastern public university. The purpose of the study was to identify whether sleep disorders were prominent in college students as well as how being at risk for sleep disorders would affect their academic performance. They were also interested in seeing whether race or gender had an effect on the results. The majority of the participants were female and seventy percent of the participants were Caucasian. The rest were Africa American, Asian, Latino, and five percent identified as other. The students were surveyed using the SLEEP-50, a validated multiple choice survey. The survey was validated by the help of 377 college students, 342 patients with sleep disorders, 32 people who have nightmares, and 44 heathy individuals. This survey provides results of people at risk for Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sleepwalking as well as many other sleep disorders. The student’s GPAs were collected at the end of the academic school year and were used to analyze academic performance. The results indicated that 500 students out of 1,845 were at risk of obtaining a sleep disorder (Gaultney, 2010).
The most prominent sleep disorder discovered among the participants was Insomnia. Insomnia is persistent problems in either falling asleep or staying asleep (Myers & DeWall, 2016). Students who are lacking sleep are more prone to performing below their ability and are also at greater risk of depression. Table Three in Gaultney’s article showed that Twenty-Two percent of the students at risk of Insomnia were also at risk of academic failure.
Narcolepsy was the second most prominent sleep disorder among the college students. ...

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...hours. Gaultney suggests “education about sleep hygiene may be useful, perhaps as part of an intervention package for students who are struggling academically.” Some universities have tried offering sleep hygiene interventions to improve quality of sleep. came to the conclusion that the classes made little to no difference, however, there is other evidence that increased knowledge of sleep hygiene results in better sleep quality (Gaultney, 2010).
In conclusion, many of the college students are at risk of sleep disorders and academic failure. Recognition of the sleep disorders allows time for the student to be treated before completely failing out of school due to unnoticed sleep disorders and/or depression. Recognition and treatment of sleep disorders could offer students improved moods throughout the day as well as allow for students to live a heathier lifestyle.

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