Essay about The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On The Performance Of Drivers

Essay about The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On The Performance Of Drivers

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Sleep is a natural human and non-human state of mind, characterised by changes in neural activity (Nihgov, 2015). Indeed, sleep is believed to play a crucial role in performance; nonetheless, research on the importance and functions of sleeping is still ongoing (Brown et al., 2012). For instance, sleep deprivation is considered to mostly harm attention-related task performance, such as driving (Loft and Cameron, 2014). In fact, it is believed that 10-13% of crashes are due to drowsy driving or feeling sleepy when driving (, 2015). What is more alarming is that detecting sleepiness in a driver is not possible because no test exists to assess drowsiness (, 2015). Therefore, the main issue to be analysed in this essay will be the effect of sleep alterations, such as fatigue. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that sleep deprivation, as a form of fatigue, affects the performance of drivers. Evidence for this argument can be seen in the research performed by Williamson & Feyer (2000), which study the relative impairment of sleep deprivation in cognitive and motor performance. They found that fatigue caused by sleep deprivation plays an important role when driving. In fact, it can even compromise the accuracy and safety needed in the road. Furthermore, Rogé, Basheer, Pébayle, Hannachi & Muzet (2003) advocate that sleep deprivation can increase the levels of drowsiness and fatigue, which can cause deficiency when detecting signals or responding to stimulus in a driving simulator. Sleep is an important part of human health, which can help improve our ability to perform tasks. It can also be detrimental to both body and mind. It cannot only cause damage to us but to others. Therefore the effects ...

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...). These results support the thesis, which stated that sleep depravation, as a consequence of fatigue, affects the performance on drivers. In fact the first report by Rogé et al. (2003) showed the participants performance when identifying a stimuli was significantly different in the fatigue condition regardless of the age. While Williamson & Feyer (2000) explained that drivers’ performance was altered and other cognitive process, such as alertness. It is important to have in mind that a more profound analysis is needed in the field of Behavioural Psychology. A particular perspective to be taken into account for future research is the development of new methods to assess drivers’ performance and fatigue levels, to avoid incidents in the roads. Furthermore, educational campaigns must be put in place to teach people the dangers of driving under the influence of fatigue.

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