The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Reaction Time Essays

The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Reaction Time Essays

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Reaction time plays a major role in every human beings life. Whether it is their age, gender, how much sleep they have had in the past couple of days, or even how much caffeine they have drank in the past 24 hours. The study our class tested focused on our reaction time and how those factors may have affected it. This paper will explain how certain studies are affected by the reaction time of the person participating in the study, especially the effects of sleep deprivation on reaction time. Sleep deprivation has a negative impact on mood, cognitive performance, and motor function due to an increasing sleep propensity and destabilization of the wake state (Huffcutt & Pilcher, 196).
Armington et al. (1961) tested the validity of an EEG frequency with the test of the finger pulse which would predict the reaction time with the slow increase of sleep deprivation. With each increase of sleep deprivation, it became valid that the reaction time could possibly be made two to three seconds before the signal was ever sent. The finger vasodilation played a significant role in the reaction time. This test caused a long reaction time for the subject. However, the prediction of reaction was small.
Adam (2010) performed a research on how gender affected the reaction times of males and females. The study consisted of twelve males and twelve females which required them to have a verbal response to a spatial location target stimulus. The studied required all 24 participants to provide a verbal response to a location target stimulus. The verbal response was a 2- and 4- choice, compatible and incompatible, choice reaction time task (Adam, 2010). After completing the experiment, studies showed the reaction of the males were greater than the ...

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...were younger than those who were older and the same goes for Margolis (2015) study of caffeine and how it affected the motor skills in reaction time. In the end though, after studying the sleep deprivation of the studies by Armington et al. (1961), the sleep deprivation in our experiment was not as useful. For the most part, the students got between five to eight hours of sleep which is not a huge difference for this reaction study. If there was a difference of five to sixteen then there would have been a major reaction time difference. Huffcutt et al. (1996) stated, sleep deprivation had more of an effect on mood than it did on reaction time. The results of our study showed that a majority of the students reacted quickly to the lighting up of the bulb without a major difference between them proving that the sleep deprivation did not play a major role in our study.

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