The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Psychological Variables Of College Students ' Cognitive Performance

The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Psychological Variables Of College Students ' Cognitive Performance

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My Thirty Day Sleeping Challenge
For exactly thirty days from October 15, 2016 to November 14, 2016, I attempted to change a behavior of mine, which was to sleep at least eight hours a night. I chose this behavior change because of my actions in school. When I do not sleep enough I tend to not only become grouchy, but I also lose the motivation to finish my homework or even study. This unfortunately led to multiple cases of procrastination and last minute studying. I also tend to be more tired in school and sometimes so tired that I can not focus in class. Sometimes I fall asleep in class. Unfortunately, even though I was determined at first to accomplish my thirty days challenge, I was not successful in the end.
J.J Pilcher and A.S. Walters conducted a study called “How Sleep Deprivation Affects Psychological Variables Related to College Students’ Cognitive Performance.” In this research study, the researchers tried to figure out whether or not sleep deprivation lead to changes in performance, mood and the ability of college students to assess themselves. Pilcher and Walters believed sleep deprivation could affect cognitive performance on college students. They gathered 44 participants. To test their hypothesis, the researchers used three different tests. For one, they used the “Watson- Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal or WG to measure cognitive performance by providing them with a 40 minute time limit assessment that challenged their ability to infer, recognize, assume, and deduct information” (Pilcher, 1997, p. 124). They used Profile of Mood States or POMS to assess the current mood of college students when they do not get enough sleep each day. This test involved a list of words, about 65 words, that students described ...

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...cific, measurable and realistic, the problem was not the goal. It was myself. During the weekends, I watched at least one to two episodes of my dramas before I started my homework. I did block the drama websites, but I had my laptop in front of me so I was always tempted to unblock it every single time I was using my laptop. Another obstacle that I had were exams. To overcome this obstacle, I had to set a reminder on my phone to make sure I had at least a week and a half to study prior to the exams. Unfortunately, I was not able to reach my goal of sleeping at least eight hours a day because I still procrastinated at the last minute. However, I am proud that I was able to reach at least six hours of sleeping every day for the past thirty days. Although I was not able to reach my long term goal, I am determined to continue this attempt as I study for finals this week.

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