The Effects Of Slavery On Southern Society During The 18th And 19th Centuries

The Effects Of Slavery On Southern Society During The 18th And 19th Centuries

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The Effects of Slavery on Southern Society during the 18th and 19th centuries

During the 18th and 19th centuries slavery was economically efficient, but more importantly a social aspect of almost everyone’s life. There was an extreme importance depending on the existence of slavery in the majority of white land owners and also the South’s economy. Slaves also greatly contributed and were an important role to America’s history. Another important aspect of slavery was the nature of their life in America, their culture, and how this intertwined into the slave’s relationship with their master. Culture contributed a great deal in their religion and family as well. As many slaves as there were, conflict would very easily ignite with other slaves, but even more so with a master, which often lead to slave revolts or slave resistance. Slaves not only left a historical footprint on early America, but they also formed an important foundation for the country we know today.
The social impacts of slavery seemed to outweigh the economic impact even though there were tremendous profits made in many ways. Slavery literally defined the Southern society. “—whether in civilized or in savage society, or whether in regard to individuals, families in successive generations, or to more extended communities—a good and proper remedy for this evil, if it could be applied, would be the enslaving of these reckless, wretched drones and cumberers of the earth, and thereby compelling them to habits of labor…” (Yazawa pg.296; 12-5) There were many large plantation owners that owned an abundance of slaves, but with that great estate came a great name for the plantation owner. The social ladder in this time boiled down to the more slaves you owned, the more pow...

... middle of paper ... didn’t know how to go about getting the amount of labor they needed. They believed the cheapest way to get help was to buy one slave, that way he wouldn’t have to be paid. “Slave labor, in each individual case, and for each small measure of time, is more slow and inefficient than the labor of a free man.” (Yazawa pg. 297; 12-5) Without slaves, America would be a vastly different place than it is today. Their impact on Southern society was tremendous in large ways, but also minuscule ways as well. To imagine what the world would be like today if we never enslaved Africans would be an interesting thought. Their past is severely unfortunate, but in many ways they helped build America’s economic foundation. Not only did they determine a large plantation owner’s social stature, power, and wealth, but they were a cherished part of a small farmer’s family as well.

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