The Effects Of Slave Music On American History And African American Music

The Effects Of Slave Music On American History And African American Music

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African-American music is a vibrant art form that describes the difficult lives of African American people. This can be proven by examining slave music, which shows its listeners how the slaves felt when they were working, and gives us insight into the problems of slavery; the blues, which expresses the significant connection with American history, discusses what the American spirit looks like and teaches a great deal from the stories it tells; and hip-hop, which started on the streets and includes topics such as misogyny, sex, and black-on-black violence to reveal the reactions to the circumstances faced by modern African Americans.
First is about ​the effect of slave music on American history and African American music. The slave music’s invention earlier than United States’ founding.The earliest form slave music started before 1700s with violins and tt was a basic form of music for the African ­American at that time. Nowadays, many popular music like Hip ­Hop, R&B and Jazz are some of the branches of slave music. So every country has their own history, no wonder what time they founding,as the slave music invention earlier than United States founding, it is like a start for the American history.History is important for all of countries, the music is like a tool to help the history keeping long without lose in time.But nothing is easy at the beginning.Slave music slowly spray in America before the civil war, but the northern whites did not care about this kind of music. Until 1861,the northerners did not have a chance to hear the slave musics since it was hard for slave music to spread in America.The slave music is not only a start for African-American music,but also a remember about the history of United America.
As it is the e...

... middle of paper ... black brutality.Therefore it intuitively showed these things that happened in people’s lives which had a negative influence on young people.
Music is an a amazing thing, it not only make people feel comfortable or happy when they listening songs they like,it also can have several kinds of way to use.Especially these three kind of music, during hundreds years developing of America, nobody or nothing can make these things leave in this world forever, but music can ,it make our know a lot about the developing about this country, how the cultures’ developing and a lot of ancient things that we don’t know.And these three kind of music have their own styles,each style representative a new century and remember both the developing of American culture and the African-American music culture for us,so we can seriously learn about these things and encourage our knowledge.

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