The Effects Of Sexual Violence On Children Essay

The Effects Of Sexual Violence On Children Essay

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Sexual violence occurs when a perpetrator commits sexual acts without the consent of a victim, or when the victim is not able to give consent or refuse (Basile, Smith, Breiding, Black, & Mahendra, 2014). Consent refers to words or action that the victim gives that indicates a “yes” I want to have sex with you whereas inability to consent refers the victim not giving a “yes” response because they are not of legal age (most states have age of consent is 18), they are unconscious, they are too intoxicated through the use of alcohol or drugs (Basile et al., 2014). Inability to refuse refers to a victim being forced to participate in sexual act for example, the offender threatened physical violence or they pointed a gun to the victim (Basile et al., 2014). Terms associated with the involvement of sexual violence include victim and perpetrator (Basile et al., 2014). Victim refers to the person in which the violence was inflicted on and they are also called survivor whereas the perpetrator is the person who has inflicted the violence onto the victim and can be known or unknown to the victim for example, stranger, acquaintance, family member, or intimate partner (Basile et al., 2014).
There are types of sexual violence they include incest, sexual harassment, intimate partner sexual violence, and sexual assault. Sexual assault refers to completed rape, attempted rape, fondling or unwanted sexual touching, and forcing victim to perform sexual acts on the body of the perpetrator. Incest refers to sexual contact between family members for example, father – son/daughter, mother – son/daughter, aunt/uncle – niece/nephew. Intimate partner sexual violence refers when the perpetrator has or had a relationship with the victim for exa...

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...t protective risk factors for sexual violence it is called the structured assessment of protective factors for violence risk (SAPROF) (de Vries Robbe, de Vogel, Koster, & Bogaerts, 2015). According to the authors (2015) “future developments of risk assessment tools should strive to measure risk and protective factors embedded within plausible (and testable) models of offender recidivism risk” (de Vries Robbe et al, 2015, p. 53). This tool is useful in the following ways formulating treatment goals, justifying stages of treatment, atoning treatment phasing, and facilitating risk communication. Examples of protective factors include no alcohol or drug use, no history of abuse in childhood, supportive relationship with family, consider women as equal rather than seeing them as property, and strong laws that don’t tolerate violence of any kind (Tharp et al., 2013).

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