The Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Children And Young Adults Essay

The Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Children And Young Adults Essay

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Although there are symptoms such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, poor health, and anxiety that is linked to abuse and maltreatment with children and young adult. Sexual abuse is highly associated with an unexplained gastrointestinal, maltreatment, abdominal pain, and psychological distress especially in sexually abused children (Tilburg, Runyan, Zolotor, Graham, Dubowitz, Litrownik, Flaberty, Citkara, &Whitehead, 2010). Therefore, the researchers encourage and recommends physician to inquire information about physical or sexual abuse when patient complains of unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms. For instance, if the physician double-checks the patient’s medical records and suggest that the patients is mendacious about their unexplained symptoms, it leads to distrust toward the patients. In order to avoid stigmatization and distrust between the child and physician, a physician has to inform the child’s parents if the children experience sexual or physical abuse at a young age. On the other hand, culture plays a significant role on a high prevalence of child sexual abuse worldwide and ways to reduce this high prevalence is not discussed or looked into, this is disappointing. Likewise, some regional worldwide countries have high major frequency of sexual abuse, which affects the population of women than the men, especially countries that are in Africa (Barth et al., 2012). For instance, low-resource countries were linked to a higher risk of sexual abuse among boys than high-resource countries. The high-resource countries were linked to lower risk of frequent sexual abuse. In contrast, there is no significant high risk of sexual abuse among girls between high and low-recourses (Barth et al., 2012). Another notion the...

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...educated, but the women are not. As a result, this leads to poor knowledge of the health consequence of sexual violence, the treatment, and the SOSPA law that convicts the perpetrators. Therefore, educating the women, increasing school safety, promoting better attitudes among women help to ensure a more accepting society towards sexual violence victims. Likewise, women’s humanely right should not be violated. In addition, the use of radio stations to empower women and create awareness should be provided in the rural areas (Abeid et al., 2015). Lastly, both men and women should stop defending the rape myths among the victims because; it leads to disempowerment, low educational standard, poverty, and poor occupational status especially towards women. Therefore, exploring this stigma of rape myths and sexual abuse are important to strengthen the development of Tanzania.

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