Essay about Effects Of Sex On Reporting Levels

Essay about Effects Of Sex On Reporting Levels

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“The major results of this research are that sex of shoplifter and sex of subject had little effect on reporting levels, whereas appearance of shoplifter exerted a major independent effect on reporting levels” (Steffensmeier & Terry, 1973: 424). People react differently to shoplifting, but in this journal article most of the people that were reported as shoplifting were ones that were sort of dirty looking. These people that were not really shoplifting in real life had been made up to look like they walked in from the street and they were the ones that were most reported as shoplifting, the other people that were dressed nicely, but also shoplifting were not reported as much as the other people. Most of the people that had gotten interviewed for this article were scared of the fact that there was a dirty looking person shoplifting from the store that they were in and that is why they reported those people more than the ones that looked like they were dressed up nicely.
Interventions are events that happen to help a shoplifter stop what they are doing and to make sure that they will not do it in the future. However, this does not happen with a lot of shoplifters, as they will continue to shoplift even after the intervention. Along with interventions there are assessments that shoplifters will have to go through to help them get the right course of treatment that will help them stop the urge to shoplift. There are many assessment categories that social workers will go through with apprehended shoplifters, one of the assessment categories is impulsiveness. “...The assessment that a shoplifter 's behavior was impulsive is usually incomplete because the professional was unable to identify the motivating factor” (Schwartz & Wood, 1991:...

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...ns that would take place to help shoplifters. There are many methods that can be used to help a shoplifter deal with their problem and try to get them to stop. Even though shoplifters might go through many methods they may not be able to stop from shoplifting.
The hypothesis that was made in the beginning of this paper was sort of correct and sort of wrong. It was correct as some interventions will help shoplifters to stop and it was wrong, because a lot of shoplifters will not stop even if they get the intervention. The findings supported the hypothesis, because it has shown what might happen with different shoplifters if they continue to shoplift. The findings supported the theoretical perspective, because if a shoplifter is stopped before they can get to bad then society will stay more as a whole and the shoplifter is able to give back to society rather than take.

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