Essay on The Effects Of Self Perception On Marriage

Essay on The Effects Of Self Perception On Marriage

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The Effects of Self-Perception in Marriage
Jami J. McDowell
Charter Oak State College

Within the context of every marriage lies two unique individuals who perceive themselves and their spouses in very different ways. These perceptions are based on not only direct influences but also indirect influences as well as preferences. The perception of one’s physical self, the perceived relationship between each spouse and their parents, how each person recognizes love as communicated by their spouse, the contribution of gender roles as they relate to conflict management, religion, and the perception of self as it relates to one’s ideal self are all important elements in the functionality and ultimate satisfaction of each spouse within a marriage. Based on the findings of researchers in the last half century, light is being shed on the sources to which individuals draw on their own self-perception.

The Effects of Self-Perception in Marriage

Marriage is a delicate weave of two people with very individualized needs and desires. How a person perceives “self” and “spouse” contributes to the functionality and satisfaction of the relationship between two people and ultimately the success of their marriage. This perception of self and spouse is often concluded based on contributing factors such as language, cultural and religious backgrounds, education, and upbringing. Self-perceptions are derived from a social context, and social psychologists investigate how people are believed to understand and perceive themselves. Research may focus relative studies on the effects of self-perceptions in contexts such as social interactions within a marriage as well as dating, learning, parenting and sales.
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