Essay about The Effects Of School On Children 's Mental Health

Essay about The Effects Of School On Children 's Mental Health

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Forty percent of parents say that their teenage child is experiencing stress attributable to school. Statistics show evidence of school affecting children 's mental health. Homework is counterproductive to student learning and personal growth. Schoolwork, homework, and tests cause the everyday high school student stress and can affect their health in a negative manner. Mrs. Andrea Townsend, a Behavioral ecology professor at Hamilton College, writes that students need homework or work outside the classroom in order for students to retain information and learn proficiently. Patti Neighmond, an award-winning NPR Health Policy Correspondent, spills that parents notice stress in their children due to homework. I believe that an excessive amount schoolwork does more harm than good in students and can affect their mental health.
In School Stress Takes A Toll on Health, Teens And Parents Say by Patti Neighmond, she focuses on the negative effects of school on students who take on too many advanced courses and homework. She focuses on the story of a high school junior Nora Huynh who took complicated courses but was forced to drop her advanced placement classes because they were making her ill. After clearing her table, she felt more at ease and was able to enjoy her life more. Teenagers also talk about the excessive amount of assignments left by teachers cause diagnosis of panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and even paralysis. She also speaks about how homework is the leading cause of stress in students. The Atlantic’s article, A Teacher’s Defense of Homework by Andrea Townsend, revolves around the idea that homework is beneficial to a student’s learning. Townsend defends that homework is necessary for students to learn the material taught...

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...that students don 't want to acquire new knowledge. Perhaps the balancing of homework and life would not be as difficult if it doesn 't feel forced. More students would go to college, graduate high school, or have better job opportunities.
Both of these experts know that homework can take a toll on the average day student. I believe that instead of giving an excessive amount of homework America should attempt to adopt the Japanese culture. Students should do their best to excel academically on their own. Teachers need to understand that supererogatory homework can be too much to bear. It 's urgent that problems about excessive schoolwork work to be solved! The consequences today may only be the beginning. Our future as a nation and as individuals is at stake. We need to find a way to expand the mind of children nationwide while avoiding stress caused by homework.

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