The Effects Of School Based Interventions On Physical Activity Essay

The Effects Of School Based Interventions On Physical Activity Essay

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Did you know that in the United States today there are over 23 million overweight or obese? children This is an alarming statistic that needs intervention. For a majority of children lifestyle factors are the root of the problem. Childhood obesity can be reduced and prevented by counseling children to be more active, promoting healthy nutrition in schools, and the community’s cooperation.
Counseling children to be more active
Todays generation of children are much less active than their parents and grandparents were. Children today spend an average of 5 ½ hours on technological devices, playing video games, watching TV, and reading. These activities are replacing physical activity that children need to stay healthy both physically and psychologically (Green, Riley, & Hargrove, 2012). Providing physical education at school teaches students the importance of physical activity in preventing obesity and living a healthy lifestyle. A study reviewing the impact of school based interventions regarding physical activity and knowledge revealed that programs educating children on proper diets, being more physically active, and reducing the amount of time spent on technological devices reduced the growing problem of childhood obesity in those schools that participated compared to the schools that did not (Dehghan, Akhtar-Danesh, & Merchant, 2005). The problem is that only 3.8 percent of elementary schools, 7.9 percent of middle schools, and 2.1 percent of high schools provide daily physical education even though the above study shows that daily physical education reduced the prevalence of obesity. Children need at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week and that is nearly impossible to do if the child is not in sports ...

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...ldren. Valerio the owner of Take Right Choice grocery said, “When the children ask for candy, I tell them the grapes are real sweet too. Once they try them, they love them (Geringer, 2011).” Having more communities promote healthy foods to children will help reduce obesity rates in children by getting them in the habit of choosing healthy snacks and drinks instead of the unhealthy ones. It only takes one person or store to start promoting healthy snacks. That one person can help the fight against childhood obesity (Geringer, 2011).
Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States. This is a scary but true fact that needs immediate intervention. This paper discussed how childhood obesity can be reduced and prevented by counseling children to be more active, promoting healthy nutrition in schools, and getting the community involved in the change.

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