Effects Of Running On The Brain Essay

Effects Of Running On The Brain Essay

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Shaheen Ebrahimi
Liam Grunfeld
Mrs. Jobsz
Honors Biology
14 May 2016
Effects of Running
Studies have shown that running as little as 5 minutes a day decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 45% and increases life expectancy by 3 years. The benefits of running are innumerable, however by many people, running is an overlooked form of exercise. In reality, running is a vastly superior form of exercise. Running’s numerous benefits includes improvement of brain function, strengthening of the heart, building of muscles, increasing density of bones, stimulates lymphatic system, and strengthens the immune system. Although there are several dangers to running, its boundless benefits outweighs its cons.
To begin, running has shown to significantly reduce age-related shrinkage within the brain. The brain is a crucial part of the body, without it, humans would be unable to function and perform basic tasks. However, as time goes on, the brain begins to shrink with age and lose some of its functionality. Nevertheless, running has proven itself to be a great way to reduce and suppress these shrinkages. Moreover, running also affects brain chemicals, resulting in a healthier-than-average brain later in life. A study in 2012 measured neural markers and cognitive function in middle-aged athletes and non-athletes. While the cognitive function scores were the same, researchers found the athletes ' brains showed greater metabolic efficiency and neural plasticity. Another study taken place in 2012 discovered that relatively fit people exceeded the score of unfit people by far. This is due to the fact that running stimulates the creation of new nerve cells and blood vessels within the brain, which in turn prevents the organ from shrinking ...

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...s nothing to gain by repeated marathon runs and, in fact, they do more damage to the body than they help it.. Unless training to become a professional athlete, this level of exercise is unnecessary and sometimes dangerous.
In the end, running is a valuable physical exercise that can be used to combat mental issues, to combat physical issues, or just as exercise. Running increases the strength of muscles, the density of bones, and the efficiency of the heart. Along with that, it slows down the aging process both internally within the heart and brain and externally on the skin. However, with these benefits in mind, many runners will experience some form of injury throughout their time running. Numerous muscles can be strained or harmed and it is important that they are continuously developed and kept in shape. Overall, running can be a powerful and rewarding tool.

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