Essay on The Effects Of Ritalin And Drug Abuse

Essay on The Effects Of Ritalin And Drug Abuse

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Ritalin and Drug Abuse
Medicine is one of the most rapidly changing environments in the world. New research leads to new medicines and new testing techniques every day. Many people do not agree that all of these medicines are beneficial to the public. Ritalin is a drug used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, but it can have severe side effects, such as drug addiction.
In the late 1990s, a controversy arose about the drug used to treat ADHD, and this controversy still exists today. According to Fred Charatan in the article, “US panel calls for research into effects of Ritalin,” experts from the National Institutes of Health called for immediate research dealing with the long-term effects of Ritalin (1545). In the United States, ADHD had been estimated to affect up to five percent of children in public schools. Many of the children diagnosed with ADHD and treated with Ritalin do not have follow-up consultations. A study also found that there is no consistency in treatments of ADHD. Dr. David Kupfer said that this type of treatment can affect a child socially, and the issue requires immediate attention (Charatan, 1545). This shows that Ritalin has always been controversial since it was introduced to the medical field. More research should be done to fully understand the effects of not only Ritalin, but all drugs that affect the brain. The brain is the most complex part of the human. It doesn’t matter how much research is conducted; there will always be exceptions. Although some of these exceptions are rare, they should not be ignored.
Ritalin is a type of stimulant, and these types of drugs are notorious for being addicting. According to James Bovard in “Unsafe at any speed,” Ritalin is related to ...

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...e affects the brain, it is impossible to say definitively what the side effects are and what they are not. My mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 6 years ago. She was prescribed Ritalin to treat this disease. She never became addicted to drugs, but she claims that the Ritalin made her feel tired during the day. She also began to have vision problems. While it is impossible to say that Ritalin caused these symptoms, I find it ironic that they stopped shortly after she stopped taking the drug. Research should be conducted to find a safer alternative to Ritalin. Also, there should be an affective form of educational programs that is required for people and parents of those who are prescribed Ritalin. As the number of abusers quickly increases, this problem could get out of hand very soon if some form of action is not taken.

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