The Effects Of Rape Prevention Programs On Men 's Attitudes Essay

The Effects Of Rape Prevention Programs On Men 's Attitudes Essay

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Rape and domestic Violence had always been around for thousands of years, even today, thousands of people still endure the pain and suffering comes from the rape and domestic violence. So many people doesn’t know how to get help or so embarrassed to be seen as weak, or perhaps fearful that no one would believe them and stuck with their partner because they loved them.
Now, men and women showed behaviors of rape and thoughts of them too. Men in college tend to rape women that were drugged by Date Drug or drunk at a party. Especially fraternity men. “Although many studies have been conducted to assess the impact of rape prevention programs on men’s attitudes, research on the affect of such programming on men’s behavioral intent to commit rape and on sexually coercive behavior is very limited.” (Fourbert, pg. 158) there are so many reasons why the frats would react to commit the rape in college although some would be into power to control women or men either preferences of the fraternity men wants. Some were bullied when they were children or doesn’t have a mother to look after. It all depends on the attitude that the men would have and have some respect towards other people.
Sometimes the frats get away with it in court because the women that they raped were too afraid to come forward or the frats might be too powerful to beat. But not always are the frats winning, the women were going to win too. Now, the frats boys in the rape-prevention program was assigned to help out a sexually assaulted survivor and what a man can do, they’re trying to get rid of the stereotypes that the movies and the media showed and exposed so many young teenagers. Sometimes it opened the fraternity boys’ eyes because they had no idea how much it impacte...

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...taffs knows they’re slow, sometimes they’re smart that they rather to be kept quiet than to be overwhelmed.
Unfortunately so many people believed that disabled women cannot or will not be abused because they lived in a nursing homes, institutions, or with their family members that were willing to take care of them because people thought they would be well taken care of, but it’s not true. Disabled women could be abused as much as a non-disabled women does.
Lastly, these are nontraditional abuses that women endured for so long that many people had forgotten to see but they overlook that to psychical, financial and emotional abuses because they’re easy to see and most known for. If people were educated for the nontraditional abuses then they would realize that the nontraditional was so much similar to these three most common abuses for rape and domestic violence.

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