Effects Of Racism On People With Brown Or Black Skin Essay

Effects Of Racism On People With Brown Or Black Skin Essay

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African Americans in the history of the United States have had to deal with many injustices. There are many types of effects that come along with racism. Many people recognize only the physical effects racism has had on people. Racism, not only has physical effects on a human, but it can also have many physiological effects as well. African American adults, children, and even society have been affected psychologically.
Many people only know about the physical effects of racism and fail to realize that racism also can affect people psychologically. Racism has had many negative mental health effects on people with brown or black skin. According to “Perceived Racism as Moderator Between Self-Esteem/Shyness and Psychological Distress Among African Americans”, African Americans that have perceived racism are associated with lower self-esteem and higher psychological distress. The ones with higher perceived racism have struggled to talk to strangers and to communicate with culturally different counselors.(Chao et. al. 259). When they perceive more racism, they can become more shy, which could lead to internal experiences of emotional isolation, social marginalization, and relational disconnection. The ones with higher perceived racism are the ones predicted to worsen their shyness and distress.(Chao et. al. 261).
According to “The Talk: After Ferguson, a Shaded Conversation About Race”,Dana Canedy teaches her son, Jordan, a valuable lesson on how to conduct himself around the police. Many parents of African decent have a fear that their child will grow and be abused by society and law enforcement. “I hadn’t fully processed that someday my son would be seen as suspect instead of sweet”(Canedy ). In the article, Canedy was cons...

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...let their children go out wearing hoodies,”(qt in Mays et.al. 19). This was said after the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin and many people thought that he got assaulted for wearing a hoodie.
Although racism has only being noticed mostly for its physical effects, it has can have many physiological affects on people as well. These African Americans, adults, and children, as well as society, has been affected mentally by racism. Depression, fear, anger, distress, resentment of one’s race, and even believing that dressing a certain way may harm one, are just some of the psychological effects racism has caused. The ones, who have perceived racism are usually the ones that feel shy and unable to talk to strangers. Black or brown adolescents that have perceived racism in school feel as they are not able to succeed or receive knowledge compared to other students.

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