Essay about The Effects Of Ptsd On Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Essay about The Effects Of Ptsd On Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Previous studies have indicated that those who are repeatedly exposed to trauma generate results in two categories: those who develop post-traumatic stress disorder, and those who remain resilient. The study conducted by insert names here indicated that those who fall into the resiliency category are not completely freed from the effects of PTSD, but rather have hidden issues that are veiled within the cognitive and brain functions (Levy-Gigi, Keri, July 2014).
In an Australian study, 172 participants consisted of medical personnel employed as paramedics of a south Australian ambulance service, and personnel employed by a rural ambulance service in Victoria working in both urban and rural environments. Participants showed the existence of two components: the psychological intrusion and avoidance occurring after a traumatic event, and the relation to post-traumatic stress disorder (Hogan, 2015). A psychological treatment developed in the Netherlands, called the brief eclectic psychotherapy, has been successful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder and the 90% of the police personnel recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the treatment (Plat, 2012).
In a study on longevity and how it relates to resiliency, the main finding was that the first responders working closest to terrorist attack sites report a lower level of post-traumatic stress symptoms ten months after the traumatic event occurred (Skogstad, 2015). Fourteen
months after a natural disaster, medical worker were compared with firefighters through the usage of a (GEJE ) of the levels of post-traumatic stress disorder (Sakuma, 2015). 18 month study on first responders with repeated traumatic exposure
(Nishi, 2012). A quick return to their n...

... middle of paper ... of symptoms that are not considered to be masculine may have occurred. There is also a possibility of slight underestimation of the PTSS level, because marital status and educational levels were not measured. Halpern, Maunder, Schwartz, and Gurevich (year) were limited by recall bias. Chopko and Schwartz (year) found that causality between variables cannot be assumed due to the correlational nature of the research design, because some of the officers may not trust the mental health or research instruments due to stigmas.
Future Directions
The direction studies may take in the future may be an increased focus on the relationship between the size of the hippocampus. Also, resiliency building as it relates to PTSD. How first responders cope with the everyday traumatic events should be pursued in future studies in order to continue to provide more evolved therapie.

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