Essay on The Effects Of Prostitution On The Philippines

Essay on The Effects Of Prostitution On The Philippines

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On February 25, 2013, an American Arthur Benjamin was arrested for running underage prostitution “Crow Bar” in Subic Bay in the western Philippines. Many of the bars, established in that area, are packed with older foreign men, looking to engage in sexual affairs with younger Filipinas. Arthur has been known for pulling girls from high school and forcing them into the prostitution. He has denied it publicly, but reporters with hidden cameras caught him admitting to all allegations. Although, prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, it thrives in parts of capital Manila filled with the tourists, suggesting that perhaps most of the tourists visit the Philippines for sex tourism.
Unfortunately, Arthur is not the first foreigner to run such services, as it dates back to the colonial periods. With the establishment of the Spanish and American colonies in the archipelago, the practice of prostitution grew as poverty levels rose, the number of foreigners increased, and the role of women debased. “The last years of Spanish rule saw the rise of prostitution due to the influx of thousands of Spanish soldiers brought from Spain”(Dery480) and the spread of venereal diseases. Once, the US settled in the Philippines as the second colonist, American officials decided to take and control the practice of prostitution and suppress the transmission of diseases. The establishment of multiple medical services to examine women’ bodies does not only demonstrate medical faults in such practice, but also greatly violates human rights, as well as serves as a lense to observe and analyze moral, racial and gender faults. The subject of prostitution is the most disturbing topic to discuss; yet is essential to this research paper as it presents multiple len...

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...trary to good morals and violation of personal space. There was the “double standard, the violation of justice that mandated for vicious women compulsory exams not applied to vicious men”(Kramer7) As well as the hierarchical racial system, which seemed to justify brutal and unjust treatment of Filipino women. Yet, they still endured painful humiliation, fought against the cruel system and tried to somehow maintain their dignity. “According to US army doctors, European and American prostitutes largely avoided what they perceived as stigmatizing inspection by US army doctors, preferring instead to be inspected by private physicians”(Kramer4). Women thought if they go through medical inspection, they should at least be inspected privately. As much as people portray women as weak, and unstable, Filipino women have shown a great amount of strength, power and perseverance.

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