Essay about Effects Of Procrastination On Academic Studies

Essay about Effects Of Procrastination On Academic Studies

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A lot of the weaknesses identified in the SWOT analysis could have a grave impact on academic studies. However, to try to change all of them whilst conducting academic studies may be too onerous, therefore the sensible approach would be to identify the three that would have the most effect on this programme’s studies and try to reduce this impact or mitigate it in its entirety. The three factors chosen based on importance are:

Procrastination can manifest from a host of factors but DeArmond et al (2014) suggest a key cause is attributed to workload. The more workload a student has the more likely they are to put off starting other tasks, in WBDL this threat has a high likelihood of coming to fruition because most students will have jobs that take a higher priority over the learning. The effect procrastination can have in e-learning is detrimental, a study conducted by Ji Won (2015) demonstrated the difference between final course scores and exam scores in an e-learning programme with nearly a 60% variation in final course scores in students that procrastinate compared to those that do not. Relating that finding to this programme could be a difference of obtaining a 1st or a fail in a most extreme example. To combat this the study suggested that an individual needs to conduct regular study and submit assignments on time (Ji Won, 2015, 8).

These key findings indicate the best approach to defeating procrastination are to create a realistic personal action plan that I can stick to, with sufficient resilience built in for unforeseen interruptions (Talbot, 2010, 43). This would address the vulnerability of a poor study schedule combined with the threat of an increased workload and therefore mitigate both risk lik...

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... end, where I look to refine the PAP based on my progress so far.
It has its vulnerabilities though, if someone does not review the initial PAP a key activity or item may be forgotten about that could cause an activity to fail (Lewis, 2011). It requires monitoring otherwise key dates will be missed and goals will not be achieved (Talbot 2010, 183). Therefore to assist me, I will automate this process by using Microsoft office calendar reminders aligned with my self-imposed deadlines in the PAP to prompt any deviance from the plan but will also ask my Tutor to review the PAP and timetable to ensure I have not missed a key detail.
I will get my subordinates to produce PAPs this will enable ‘management by exception’ (Bentley, 2010), allowing them a greater degree of freedom whilst I maintain control, enhancing my soft skills as a manager (Mullins & Christy, 2013, 442).

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