The Effects Of Print Media On Our Lives Essay

The Effects Of Print Media On Our Lives Essay

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It’s no secret that we are entering a different era in the world of media. People are carrying hundreds of books with them at a time, have any information they want in their pocket at any given moment, know about something on the other side of the world the minute it happens, and can update thousands of friends to their plans with the push of a button. With so many possibilities available through technology, it’s no wonder traditional media is slowing fading into the background of our everyday lives. I would like to focus particularly on the changes that are happening within the newspaper industry. Specifically, the dramatic loss of profit, the major job cuts, and the rise in online jobs and news outlets. Obviously if the profits of print is down considerably there will be job cuts to make up for that lost profit, but is the rise in technology the problem, solution, or possibly both? I think this situation was best summed up in an article from CNN that read, “The harsh economics of print media, coupled with the rise of the digital outlets, has prompted job cuts in newsrooms across America (Tom Kludt).”
As great as I think newspapers are, being a Communication major with a focus in Journalism, most young people do not read them on a regular basis. This is a problem because most of the revenue newspapers bring in comes from ad revenue and subscriptions. This lack of enthusiasm for print newspapers greatly hurts their ad revenue. An article on the Harvard Political Review website states, “Businesses are unlikely to buy print advertisements because print readership has been declining so rapidly (Tess Saperstein).” Instead of buying newspapers or subscriptions most people can go online and find out news from social media websites lik...

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...ooting in the digital era yet. Who knows where it will be in a few years when I graduate and look for a job, they might have all sorts of new job titles for me to pick from. The most important thing that I took away from my research and writing this paper is that it seems like technology is ruining a traditional industry, but really it’s just a tool waiting to be taken advantage of and launch the industry that much farther ahead. Many of the people that have lost their jobs recently might not see it that way, but I don’t blame them. Change is always a shaky and scary time, and some people get the short end of the stick, but down the road I think there is a great opportunity for a lot more jobs and profits to be made. This technological era that we are in can be seen as the problem and the solution both depending on which end of spectrum a person chooses to stand on.

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