The Effects Of Primary Health Care On Low Income Urban Populations Essay

The Effects Of Primary Health Care On Low Income Urban Populations Essay

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Today, there is a prolonging problem with primary health care in low-income urban populations. As a group low-income people suffer from having meager health outcomes than the larger population of those with less dense area of living and as well higher incomes. Low-income people suffer disproportionately from health problems related to physical inactivity. People from households with incomes below $15,000 are much more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes or asthma, to be obese, and to be at risk for health problems related to lack of exercise than people from households with incomes above $50,000. Socioeconomic conditions commonly confronted by low-income people such as polluted environments, inadequate housing, absence of public transportation, lack of educational institutional opportunities, employment opportunities, and unsafe working conditions contribute to inequitable health outcomes and as well poor healthcare (“Low Income Populations and Physical Activity”, 2004). Most Americans live in the 324 metropolitan areas of the United States. Even for the 50% of the population who live in the suburbs, problems of the central cities are increasingly common, and some pockets of urban decay have moved outward (Leviton, L. C., Snell, E., & McGinnis, M., 2000 p. 363).
In regards to why primary-care setting offers important opportunities for health promotion to low-income urban populations, health promotion professionals choose to focus on inner-city neighborhoods, which are characterized by concentrations of poor, often minority people, deindustrialization, and relative isolation (Leviton, L. C., Snell, E., & McGinnis, M., 2000 p. 366). Primary health care has a lot of strengths especially as it practices a comprehensive patient-cente...

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... of care and productivity savings versus salary differentials. The clinical associate is also a part of this mix in the light of doctor shortages and is being supported by family physicians in South Africa as procedural assistant in district hospitals (Maeseneer, J. D., Moosa, S., Pongsupap, Y., & Kaufman, A., 2008 p. 609).

Overall, primary care for low-income urban populations has ways to go in fully providing opportunities to all those that require them. But with one success, comes a blueprint for another country to copy and implement to their population. Primary care scientific and technological innovations bring the prospect of new prevention and care possibilities. Greater involvement of the patient through research and development becomes a cornerstone of the primary healthcare approach (Maeseneer, J. D., Moosa, S., Pongsupap, Y., & Kaufman, A., 2008 p. 608).

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