The Effects Of Preterm Birth On The Way It 's Distributed Within The Population

The Effects Of Preterm Birth On The Way It 's Distributed Within The Population

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Epidemiology is described as the study of the cause of a certain type of diseases along with the way it’s distributed within the population. In epidemiology the assumption is that a disease do not occur randomly, but follow predictable patterns that can be studied and expressed in terms of , what, where , who, how, when, along with what’s next.
According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) ‘preterm birth affected more that 450,000 babies. This is equivalent to 1 in every 9 infants born within the United States. Preterm related cause of death together accounted for 35% of all infants’ death in the year 2010 more than any other cause. Preterm birth is also leading the cause of long-term neurological disabilities (CDC, 2014).
In a recent interview with a local Public Health facility providing services and specialty health care for infants, they were ask a series of question based on their facility and services provided. Once the interview was completed it was obvious that there was a greater need of services and treatment wit the local community. Even though the aim of the program was to provide specialize medical treatment for children in the community they were lacking some of the necessary resources needed such as providers for each specialty such as providers to care out each particular service.
Data collected from the CDC shows that there has been increase in premature births with critical health issues affecting infants are prematurity, cerebral palsy, developmental delays along with vision and breathing problem’ CDC (2014). It is essential that this public health facility has equipment and manned with the right amount of equipment and resources to run their organizations. With status of the economic condition couple wi...

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... effectiveness of the services provided by their facility is defiantly a part of their this organizations task. Lastly core task number 10 does not tie into this agency, as there are no ongoing research or solution initiated in this program. Almost all the patients that enter this program are already diagnose by a provider with a specific condition that requires some specialty type of care.
Epidemiology has the ability to significantly increase the understanding of a specific disease particularly how it is transmitted; access certain problems within a community, groups or population. These groups are particular at a higher than normal risk when it comes to a particular disease. Therefore it is important for the study of epidemiology to take place as it provides clear and beneficial intervention to those more at risk and in need of special assistance and care.

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