The Effects Of Prenatal Genetic Testing On Children 's Health Essays

The Effects Of Prenatal Genetic Testing On Children 's Health Essays

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Prenatal genetic testing is a controversial issue in early development. With more genes being identity and linked to particular disorders, more people are seeking more prenatal genetic testing. As technology develops to advance these tests and to make new tests, advantages and disadvantages become apparent. This comes with a more stable feeling of knowing the child’s health and the ability to catch any warning signs of major diseases or disorders early on, but this also can bring a sense of anxiety and worry for the soon-to-be parents. There is also an ethical dilemma with genetic testing.
One of the major benefits with prenatal genetic testing feeling of stability of knowing what genes the child may or may not carry. Parents can feel safer with knowing if their child does not carry a certain disease or if they do. According to one study, some of the benefits of genetic testing are “parental reassurance” with negative results and “heightens awareness” ( Rew et al., 2010). Because parents are reassured with a negative result or know what to expect, it reduces stress in that aspec...

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