Essay on The Effects Of Prenatal Alcohol On Children

Essay on The Effects Of Prenatal Alcohol On Children

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Mothers significantly reduce the risk of their infants developing mental disabilities by obeying one simple rule: abstain from alcohol while pregnant. The negative affects of alcohol use during pregnancy continue to alter infant mental development, but the problem is not unsolvable. Through greater access to research regarding the dangers of fetal exposure to alcohol, mothers become more aware of the issue and learn about precautions they must take. Additionally, by women limiting alcohol intake during periods of time they plan on attempting to become pregnant, they take preemptive steps towards ensuring they do not unknowingly expose children to toxins in the womb. Government actions to increase the number of alcohol prevention and recovery centers for women suffering from addiction also allow for a more large scale prevention of prenatal alcohol use. Essentially, pregnant women need better education, a limitation on the amount of alcohol accessible, and greater availability of government funded rehabilitation centers to easily resolve the problem of prenatal alcohol consumption.
Pregnant women need access to more research regarding the harmful effects of prenatal alcohol use in order to stop alcohol use during pregnancy. The opinions of expecting mothers about alcohol use change as they gain greater knowledge of the delays in mental development and disorders that result from consumption. Studies of subjects affected by alcohol during gestation greatly influence women once they learn that, “prenatal alcohol exposure has been associated with various behavioral problems in children, including conduct problems, attention problems and criminal and delinquent behaviors” (Chen 649). In essence, this means that expecting mothers cannot ...

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...ption during pregnancy, and an employment of all of these listed solutions ultimately works to decrease its use.
An achievable solution to prenatal alcohol consumption by its eradication exists through increasing awareness, limits on availability, and more recovery centers to aid pregnant women. Women who abstain and have a greater knowledge of the effects of alcohol on their children solve the issue of prenatal alcohol exposure. They protect their children from problems with mental development or greater risk of contracting FAS or ADD. Facilities to help women stop prenatal alcohol consumption allow them to become a protector of their child’s health, not the cause of its decline. Overall, a stop to prenatal alcohol use resolves the negative effects exposure causes because utter avoidance guarantees positive change in the life of a child born free of its influence.

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