Essay on The Effects Of Pregnancy On Children 's Life

Essay on The Effects Of Pregnancy On Children 's Life

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In life, pregnancy can very well be a surprise which leaves the woman carrying the embryo to do things she shouldn’t be doing. But there is also times when a mother knows but sill chooses to do harmful things. The use of drugs and alcohol are some very popular abuses that affect the embryo.
I, myself, found out I was pregnant at a very young age and it was a complete surprise. When I found out I was only 17 and a senior in high school. I was at my “partying” stage of life trying to live it to the fullest before I had the adult responsibilities. The second I found out I was expecting I knew that I could not use any substances or do certain things that could affect my baby. I unfortunately had used alcohol a few times before I knew I was even expecting. Thankfully, it did not affect my child. I was still a worrying wreck because my child’s safety was a major key in my life.
Others, on the other hand, have different priorities and are addicted to it. No matter how much rehab they go to or how much help they try to get they are still stuck on using these such dangerous things. There is several types of each kind that harms the embryo.
First, a very know substance that affects an embryo is known as alcohol. As harmful as it is, you think there would be less people who consume it, especially during pregnancy, but that is not the case. This specific substance can cause several things. Some effects are short term and can be surgically fixed or through rehab, but some are long term. That is a main idea that leads to alcohol use being so harmful.
Maternal consumption of alcohol (ethanol) during pregnancy [4] can result in a continuum of embryonic developmental abnormalities that vary depending on the severity, duration, and frequency o...

... middle of paper ...

...eding, behavior, language, achievement, and so much more. Any type of abuse that makes it to the embryo, affects the child.
Once any mother does the research or gets informed of how bad the substances are to the embryo, it should immediately stop before it harms the baby. It does not take much at all. It only takes one time for the substances to reach the embryo and they can be effected short term and also long term.
All in all, whether alcohol or drugs being used or legal or illegally they should not be used. No child that can’t make their own choice of using it should be effected by it due to a careless parent that was carrying he or she. I hope and wish that every child has a chance at living a normal life. This could be a major step to allowing that to happen by being more aware of the harm that comes from using legal or illegal drugs and alcohol substances.

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