The Effects Of Pregnancy On A Pregnant Woman Essays

The Effects Of Pregnancy On A Pregnant Woman Essays

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Pregnancy is not something that should be taken lightly. The air you breathe, food you eat and over the counter, or recreational drugs you use will have a tremendous effect on a growing baby. One may not think so, but over the counter drugs, even ones taken for a mild health issue, can have a tremendous effect on a pregnant woman, not even including the use of recreational drugs during the pregnancy period. Or if an expectant mother doesn’t know that she is pregnant taking the drugs that a doctor prescribes can become dangerous. The statistics of drug use while pregnant is higher than it should be and getting this information out is one of the few things that will help.

According to the book Human Development- A Lifespan View, heredity is described as the genotypes being set from when the sperm fertilizes the egg. But, contrary to popular belief, the phenotypes, then depend on what the genotypes are and what environment that they are during the development stages. (Kail, Pg. 47) Making it so that even if a mother who is expecting a child is in an environment containing marijuana, cigarette smoke or even being in an environment that is musty or contains mold, the growing baby can still be affected and it will tamper with the developmental process.

The use of over the counter also known as OTC drugs are different for almost all women, it is something that should be discussed with a doctor because it depends on the drug, the women, and even what trimester that she is in. To avoid these problems, some pregnant woman are trying to use herbal supplements, but this may be dangerous too, due to the lack of research and information on them which is still somewhat unclear (Leon, 2008).When it comes to herbal products 10% of pregnant wom...

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...rmation more accessible, helping those that become pregnant may lower the number of women, children and altogether families that are affected by this.
Overall, this term paper has taught me just how sensitive a woman 's body is while she is pregnant, there is no situation of air quality, second hand smoke, or drugs that can be taken lightly. Sitting down and kindly explaining that to a pregnant women could save a baby 's life, or allow them to live a healthy life in the future. I know that everyone should be more aware of how serious this process is. Keeping those that are pregnant making the right choices, can save heartbreak, time, energy, and money. It could change the course of someone 's life and in a larger scheme of things it could change the course of history. That baby that has FAS due to an irresponsible mother, may have known the cure to a deadly disease.

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