The Effects Of Poverty On Adults Are Damaging Enough Essay

The Effects Of Poverty On Adults Are Damaging Enough Essay

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Money. Everyday people use money to fulfill their wants and needs. While many people in the United States have enough money to buy a nice house and provide for a family, some people receive low income and live in financially poor conditions. The effects of poverty on adults are damaging enough, but for children, the effects could be even worse. Exposure to poverty impairs the mental and physical health of young children. Even worse, most problems that youth in poverty face last throughout the entirety of their lives. A child that grows up in poverty will achieve lessened academic performance and shortened life expectancy.
A child who lives in financial need will often show lessened academic performance. Exposure to poverty and financially poor areas have been shown to change the composition of a child’s brain. Many children even have an increased chance to develop a mental illness (Pyke). Most mental illnesses damage a child’s ability to behave in society. Mental illnesses can also negatively affect how well a child performs in school. Exposure to poverty is also linked to weakened cognitive ability (Pyke). With poor cognitive ability, solving complex problems and retaining long-term memories is more difficult. Without the ability to remember knowledge taught in school curriculums, these children will receive lower grades than most classmates. The lack of strong cognitive skills in needy children is caused by both chronic stress and preoccupation with their lack of money (Stromberg). The situation around them disables children to thoroughly think about homework problems and test questions. As a result of mental illness and cognitive weakness, minors lose confidence in their own academic performance. Matt Repka from Chicago Policy...

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...e in poverty is hypertension, or high blood pressure (Pyke). Even a child without mental damage is still at a greater risk of contracting high blood pressure. In poor, urban areas, environmental hazards to human health are responsible for the early deaths of many people who were exposed to these elements at a young age.
A child born in an underdeveloped urban area will have lessened academic performance and shortened life expectancy. With poor environmental conditions and lack of resources, young people will struggle more than middle-class children with school performance and physical health. Poverty leaves a lasting negative impact on children. Even when someone escapes the poverty cycle, the damaging effects are “often carried into adulthood regardless of improved financial situation” (Repka). Without high finances or good housing, a child can be damaged for life.

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