Essay about The Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Essay about The Effects Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Today’s society is filled with the possibility of war, high crime rates, and vehicular accidents, among countless other tragic possibilities. With these potentially traumatic events lurking around every corner, it is no surprise that post-traumatic stress disorder is receiving more attention and diagnosed more frequently (Kolk, B., & Najavits, L. M., 2013). More often than not individuals choose to share their life with an intimate romantic partner as well. Intimate relationships can be a challenging and rewarding part of everyday life, however, throwing a mental disorder into the mix can make achieving a healthy intimate relationship even more difficult. This paper will focus on the challenging effects of post-traumatic stress disorder can potentially have psychologically and physically on the spouse, the patient and the effects PTSD can have on the intimate relationship as a whole. In the journal article, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adults: Impact, Comorbidity, Risk Factors, and Treatment, Sareen (2014) explains that their have been multiple definitions of post-traumatic stress disorder over time, however, Sareen determined a few common factors that are consistently involved with the diagnosis and defined post-traumatic stress disorder. Sareen’s (2014) definition of post-traumatic stress disorder is as follows:
1) Experiencing or witnessing a stressful event; 2) Re-experiencing symptoms of the event that include nightmares (or) flashbacks; 3) Efforts to avoid situations, places, and people that are reminders of traumatic event; and 4) hyper arousal symptoms, such as irritability, concentration problems, and sleep disturbances. (p.460)
This means that post-traumatic stress disorder disrupts and individual’s daily lif...

... middle of paper ...

... reduce stress. This means that even though PTSD can negatively affect a spouse psychologically there may be ways to combat the effects such as exercising.
In conclusion, post-traumatic stress disorder does not only affect the individual diagnosed but their intimate romantic relationships, as well as, their very own spouse. From the research available, it is clear that more and more research is being conducted and more information about post-traumatic stress disorder is being unraveled. However, it may be beneficial for future research to focus on managing the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on the individual themselves, but also managing the effects it has on a spouse caring for their partner with PTSD. Although they do not have the disorder themselves, individuals can still be negatively affected by the disorder physically and psychologically.

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