The Effects Of Porcine Stress Syndrome ( Pss ) Essay

The Effects Of Porcine Stress Syndrome ( Pss ) Essay

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Porcine Stress Syndrome (PSS) has been of major concern to the animal industry for over fifty years and continues to be an issue for swine production. The PSS trait is inherited in a recessive manner, allowing for the possibility of many animals being carriers despite not expressing phenotypic traits. Animals presenting PSS characteristics are typically associated with being heavily muscled, escalated levels of nervousness, and results in sudden deaths. These animals are extremely sensitive to stressful situations such as changes in their environment, and will respond with muscle rigidity, intensive breathing, and raised body temperatures. Unfortunately this is a rapidly progressing syndrome and not much can be done to help save the affected pigs. In terms of meat quality Porcine Stress Syndrome can have devastating impacts on production seeing as most PSS swine will produce pale, soft, and exudative meat, also known as PSE meat. Though it is not a guarantee that a PSS hog will produce PSE meat, there is a great enough of chance to be of concern to pork producers. The effects of PSS, both in terms of the health of the pigs and of the meat quality, is quite important to the swine industry. The syndrome can cost producers large sums of money, only to have the possibility that the meat will be subpar.
PSS has been of concern since the early 1960s and continues to be an issue. However, with knowledge of genetics and Porcine Stress Syndrome increasing, control of PSS has improve and hopefully will one day be eradicated.

When it comes to livestock production, the goal is producing healthy animals while maximizing profit. Any animal that is not healthy, has any kind of health issues or does not reac...

... middle of paper ... and Pietran. If one still want to use these breeds it is recommended to have the potential parents DNA tested to see if they carry the gene. In this instance that a sow is a carrier of the gene it is proposed that one have the boar, from which semes in being used, tested as well. It is important to understand that in the situation of breeding two animals that are both carriers of the PSS gene there will be a 50% chance that the offspring will carry the gene, 25% chance that offspring will express the gene, and 25% chance that offspring will not have the gene. To decrease the incidence of the PSS gene one would need to breed a carrier with a non-carrier or non-carrier with a non-carrier. With the continued practice of breeding non-carriers this will decrease the presence of PSS, hopefully to a point of eradication, and also increase the quality of the carcass.

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