The Effects Of Pollution On The Natural Environment Essay example

The Effects Of Pollution On The Natural Environment Essay example

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Pollution is the introduction of chemicals and other contaminants that can cause adverse change into the natural environment. Pollution has been an issue that humans have faced since the discovery of fire in the prehistoric era. In recent times, due to an immense increase in population and the introduction of various energy practices, pollution has become a topic of conflict and interest. After a drastic rise in pollution levels, discussion on ways to reduce the amount of manmade contaminants released into the environment has been on the minds of experts and citizens all over the world alike. From the well known types of pollution, such as air and water pollution; to the lesser known ones, such as noise and thermal pollution; all types of pollution have caused changes to the environment and to humans since the beginning of mankind.
Evidence of pollution has been shown to be present since the first stable human civilizations were established. Without even realizing it, humans during the prehistoric era introduced the idea of pollution into our world with the creation of the first fires. As stated in an article in Science journal, “soot found on ceilings of prehistoric caves provides ample evidence of the high levels of pollution that was associated with inadequate ventilation of open fires” (“Pollution”). During the eras of the Greek, Roman, and Chinese Empires, metal forging practices created the first major evidence, as found in glacier cores, of air pollution outside of the home. However, most of the pollution caused by open fires and metal forging could easily be handled by the environment at that time. Compared to the past, the levels of pollution today are much higher and the types of contamination have grown to become mo...

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...r, water, noise, and thermal pollution are the most costly of the group. While noise and thermal pollution have just become issues in recent generations, air and water contamination have been impacting humans since that start of civilization. These different forms of contaminants affect some regions of the world more than others: air, noise, and thermal pollution impact more developed countries and water pollution affects more undeveloped countries. The levels of these pollutants have increased over time from both the intentional creation of industrial practices, such as the overwhelming use of power plants; and the unintentional contamination by human practices, such as poor sanitation in third world countries. Either way, many laws and regulations have been put in place all over the world in order to attempt to lower the levels of each of these types of pollution.

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