The Effects of Pollution and Carbon Footprint on Earth Essay

The Effects of Pollution and Carbon Footprint on Earth Essay

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Earth is a planet full of resources that organisms have shared over millions of years. The problem is that human activity is increasing pollution and carbon footprint, largely on the last years. How is this affecting us and other organisms? To find the answer to this question there has to be a clear definition about carbon footprint and pollution. Carbon footprint is the amount of gases that are released during human activities, gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide (“Carbon Footprint”). Pollution, on the other hand, is a much wider word that means the contamination of the resources (land, water and air) of the planet. This contamination is done by the creation and use of manufactured products, such as plastics and pesticides (“Pollution”). These products affect the environment by altering its normal conditions and therefore affecting all the organisms on earth.
The carbon footprint is creating global warming that changes the climate, and with this, altering the ecosystems and killing species. Pollution, in a not so far future, will affect drinkable water and food; making them scarce and toxic. To prevent this from happening and reverse the damages that we have already caused, there has to be a change into sustainable cities. These are cities that are designed to minimize carbon footprint, pollution and waste that are produce dally by the population living in that city. These can be accomplished by achieving a balance between economic, environmental, and social aspects in a community.
Air is polluted by different chemicals released into the air, by the act of burning fossil fuels. Green house gases are very dangerous because when they are released they go into the atmosphere and accumulate. Every year the US ...

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... to reduce pollution is to reduce the consumption of meat. This is because the cows’ defecation produces methane which is a green house gas that produces global warming (Bermudez). People have to think not only about themselves, but also about the future generations that are going to live in this planet.
Evolution consists on the change and adaptation of species to an environment. People view it just as a bank of resources, but they don’t realize that these resources can end and leave great consequences. Humans have to evolve and realize that if they do not change the way they think and act then, they will end up destroying the environment with all of earth´s species. Evolution does not mean to stop consuming, or stop using or stop living. Evolution means to learn how to consume differently in order to have a better quality of life in the present and future.

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